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Private lessons are available for popular social dances such as Two-Step, Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. You will learn at your own pace while you have fun with your partner. If group lessons suit you better, get 5 or more friends and create your own group lessons.

Couples and sinles of all ages are welcome. Get ready for a school dance, a party, new hobby, fitness, you need no reason to have a good time. We are sure social dance will spice up your life style.

Ballroom/Latin dance will be available when you feel comfortable after learning social dance.

The Dance Studio Twelve Twelve offers DISCO-like friendly atmosphere, where you can make new friends and give vent to your stress. Singles can join the Dance Sport Social Club.

It is wonderful to do something with somebody you love. If there is only one thing you do to share time together, let it be dancing. Dancing is not only good for you but also fun to do! You may feel intimidated first because you have never danced before. You may think you are not musical. It is nonsense to be negative and to put off getting all the benefits from dancing.

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Social Dance Facts

Which social dance should I learn? It is up to you but we have observed our students and below are what we learned.

As far as Foot Work is concerned, easiest one is Merengue and hardest footwork is Hustle.
1. Merengue
2. Bachata
3. Salsa
4. Two-Step
5. Swing
6. Hustle

When it comes to popularity, social Latin dance has gained a lot of favor.

Swing was danced most frequently.

Wedding reception was a popular place to dance.

Many Brides and bride grooms danced Two-Step.

Young people in their twenties are interested in Hustle.

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