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The Singles Salsa Social is where we mix, mingle, socialize and dance in Southern Maryland. Even if you have two left feet, it is no excuse to stay away.

The Singles Social Plus Dance Twelve Twelve limits attendees to single persons. Most of people are not good dancers, so a dance lesson will be offered. The lesson itself is worth to attend, which teaches movements, not just steps to remember. You will quickly learn how to dance to music without thinking.

Are you new to town? Are you looking for a reason to get out of house? Do you want to make new friends? Are you interested in dancing and casual dance lessons? Do you just need someone to talk to? Come on out whatever the reason you have and you will find yourself having a good time with new and old friends.

There is no membership fee. No dance experience no partner required. Do not miss this chance to get started on a more exciting and satisfying social life. Most people feel a little awkward at first. All of us at the dance were in that same position at one time or another. You will soon find that a friendly smile and a pleasant "hello" will create for you an opportunity to make many new friends.The Singles Social Plus Dance Twelve Twelve is where you can find friendship and connections.

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