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Looking for a good Dance instructor? We have got one, and it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. No lesson except a private lesson makes you a better dancer soonest.

It is imperative to find the most qualified instructor with good knowledge, experience and creativity from the very beginning. Why? Because that is the only way to avoid developing a bad dance style and habit. It is very difficult to eliminate the muscular memory and motion you acquire. Regardless of social dancers or ballroom dancers, each lesson provides ample technique and styling and you will accomplish each type of dance with satisfaction.

The private lessons include special instructions for your complete dance figures. We will add choreography to your complete dance patterns and figures. We will also provide tips to improve and perfect your Ballroom Dance style for your performance as well as pleasure dance.

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Fitness Classes

Workout Dance

Add dancing workout to your exercise routines. The workout is fun and requires no partner. Why dance as fitness training?

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Dance Classes

Ballroom Dancing

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Dancing For Men

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Couples Dance

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Singles Dance

No other dance studio offers ballroom dance classes, where only singles dance without partners...

Special Ballroom Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons
Private Lessons
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