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Father's Day Dance

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Father's Day Neon

Dance Studio Twelve Twelve offers a special opportunity for a Father's Day gift. Contact us and we will create your special lesson and party.

Suggestion to Daughters,

Take your father to a fathe-daughter dance and have a great time together. Dancing is a wonderful father-daughter bonding activity. One time private dance lesson is a perfect gift for your Dad. The private lesson gives your Dad an opportunity to learn how to move to music. Even Dad with two-left feet will enjoy dancing with his special daughter. You will create a memory your Dad will talk about for a long time. $50/1 hour Social Dance

Suggestion to Fathers,

Are you looking for activities to do with your daughter? Choose to take a formal dance lesson with her. Girls love to dance. If your daughter is still young, taking your daughter on dates is one of the most important things you can do for her as you are setting a standard. One time private dance lesson will make your daughter feel special. $50/1hour Social Dance

Family Dance

Suggestion to Family,

Get your family together and celebrate the special day for your father. One time one-hour private dance party helps you create a great family event and have fun. Choose one of your favorite social dances.

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