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Southern Maryland

Private Lessons

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Schecule Dance Lessons
All tuitions need to be paid in advance

American Style Latin/Ballroom Dance

$200 per couple/single/4 lessons

Level 1 Super Beginner

International Style Latin/Ballroom Dance

$350 per couple/sinle/4 lessons

Level 2 Beginner

Solo Latin/Ballroom Workout

$180 per person/4 lessons

Salsa and Latin Dance for Kids and Youth

$160 per person/4 lessons

Open Choreography

$75 per couple/single/lesson


Private Lesson For Wedding

$120 per hour

Choreography included

$65 per hour

No Choreography included

Private Lesson For Social Dance

Chose from Salsa, Swing, Two-Step, Hustle

$180 per couple/person/4 lessons

$50 per couple/person/1 lesson for Trial

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons

Group Lessons and Fun Party

Social Dance Party for Singles and Couples

Get 6 Friends or more, Gather and Dance
All ages are welcome
Personalized lessons help you learn at your pace


Requires to take 4 lessons

Solo Latin Fitness Party

Get 5 Friends or more, Gather and Workout
All ages are welcome
Learn Latin dance steps

$20 per person/lesson

Requires to take 4 lessons

Group Lessons and Fun Party are also Private Lessons and require appointment and payment in advance

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons

All Classes are 1 Hour Long

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Special Classes

Salsa Dance Quick Fix

April 2019
Learn salsa signature moves.

Got Two-Left Feet? Join Flash Mob Production
Joy of Dance

Flash Mob Workshop

Email us if you want extreme fun and join our Flash Mob Production.
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Social Club Events

Cinco de Mayo Salsa Social

May 5, 2019 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
Become a member of the Social Club and join the Salsa Social.

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Summer Disco

July 2019
Join the Summer Social

Romantic Fall Dance

September 2019
Join the Slow Dance Social

Cheerful Halloween

October 2019
Trick or Treat Social

Last Ballroom Dance

December 2019
End of the Year Formal Social

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