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Maintain Brain - Healthy Aging

We found an interesting article in Calvert Health Magazine interesting. It was about healthy aging. The article showed 10 strategies for healthy aging, which included well known information such as eat smart, good sleep and exercise. What caught our eyes was how to maintain our brain. It went on "never stop learning and stimulating your mind. Do crossword puzzles, take dance lessons, pick up a new hobby or learn how to play an instrument." According to the article, the activities like these can help ward off a decline in mental health.

Most people associate dancing with only physical activity but dancing offers more than that. Even simple dancing teaches you a lot of movements and styles, which you need to memorize and to demonstrate while you are dancing. It is good brain training. Unlike crossword puzzles, dancing is also a low-impact physical activity. In other words, you can kill two birds with one stone.

People often state that they avoid dancing because they have two-left feet. Let us remind you that there are types of dance even two-left feet can enjoy. Dance Fitness Studio Twelve Twelve offers unique lessons and even changes basic steps if necessary to accommodate students' dancing ability. Take advantage of dancing as a healthy brain training tool.

By the way, did you know that September is healthy aging month? Enjoy healthy brain throughout the year.

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