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Welcome to International Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio. International Standard ballroom dance is English style and started catching on internationally in 1950s and 1960s and then came to be called International Style. It has been danced all over the world and most of the world uses international style exclusively.

The teaching method in our studio is very unique. Students are encouraged to take American dance style class first and then International dance style class next. This method reduces pressure and stress to learn dance or new movements and students can develop a sense of achievement with no difficulty. It also helps men great deal learn multiple elements and fundamentals without fail, which naturally encourage men to lead their partners with confidence.

The Solo Latin Dance Fitness Class is created to offer all students chances to learn dance steps only prior to technique class. The classe is not only fun but also energetic and perfect for fitness. Kids and youth respond to the fast and rhythmical music much better than adults, hence demonstrate quick progress. If your children are still very young, we recommend a parent taking the class with them.

The Solo Latin Dance fitness Class is not a zumba class but teaches Latin dance steps, danced for competition. That is why our fitness class stands out from the pack. You will be amazed how easily you can develop muscular memory when danced without a partner.

After taking American style ballroom/latin class, we recommend taking International style class to move up to the next level. The latter demonstrates technique, choreography, flow, frame, lead and follow relationship and more. We will identify certain key learning area for dance form to improve your dance style. You will find out the extra step will transform you to a real Latin/Ballroom dancer.

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Discover how easy it is to learn how to ballroom dance. Dance Studio TWELVE TWELVE is the only dance studio specializing in ballroom dance and wedding dance in Southern Maryland. Ballroom dance lifts our emotional spirits, keeps us socially connected and enhances our mental and physical fitness. Learn the core fundamentals of different types of dance while having fun.

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