Dance Fitness Studio

Twelve Twelve

Southern Maryland

The Dance Fitness Studio Twelve Twelve is the only dance studio where you can learn International Style Ballroom/Latin dance in Southern Maryland. Now, you have opportunities to give yourself and your children to learn how to dance ballroom/Latin dance beautifully.

Get your friends and create your own classes/lessons to have fun and learn social dance.

We are here to help you benefit from dance and engage exciting activities for your health. Dance is powerful. We are positive that music and dance together affect your mind and body like a magic.

Ballroom/Latin Dancing

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Kids and Youth Latin/Salsa Dancing

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Social Dancing

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Fitness Dancing

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Wedding Dancing

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Dance Fitness Studio TWELVE TWELVE is a dance fitness studio in Southern Maryland, not a gym. We have no equipments to work with. Exciting music and inviting friendly environment will welcome you to broaden your horizon and give you a chance to enrich your lives.

23476 Three Notch Road
California, MD 20619


Mail: P.O. Box 1152
California MD 20619


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Physical Health

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing improve balance and fine motor performance, boost immune system, bolster energy, weight control.

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Mental Health

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing reduces depression, anxiety, stress, improves mood, protects memory, increases blood flow to brain, helps feel confident, strong and in cotrol of body.

Dance is an unique form of exercise in which social interaction and fun are mixed together.
Art of Dance Exercise

Love Dancing
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